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If you are not sure how much sod you need for your residential or commercial sod project, No problem! Use our sod calculator to help you find the answer! 

Our calculator will let you know the square footage.
Also how many pallets or how many pieces you'll need.
Each pallet contains 400 sqft  (about 150 pieces)

These calculations are approximate measurements. 
The calculator is measuring a FLAT service, and most lawns in Florida have a slope or curve to them, therefore you may need more/less sod than what the calculator tells you. 



Measure Length and Width
Measure Two Sides of the Triangle
Measure ALL the way across the Circle
Under the Square/Rectangle section, type in the length and press enter on your keyboard then type in the width and press enter on your keyboard. 
Under the Circle section, type in the diameter and press enter on your keyboard. Measure all the way across the middle of the circle 
Under the Triangle section, type in the height and press enter on your keyboard, then type in the length and press enter on your keyboard. 

**To set the calculator back to zero - refresh the webpage.**
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