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Minimum of 1,200 Sq Ft
Under 4,000 sq ft:         40¢/sq ft 
4,400–6,800 sq ft:         34¢/sq ft 
7,200 sq ft or more:      30¢/sq ft   
Under 4,000 sq ft:          Call¢/sq ft 
 4,400–6,800 sq ft:       Call¢/sq ft       7,200 sq ft or more:   Call¢/sq ft      Floratam:  
Under 4,000 sq ft:         56¢/sq ft
4,400–6,800 sq ft:      52/¢/sq ft       7,200 sq ft or more:   48¢/sq ft      Zoysia: 
Under 4,000 sq ft:        70¢/sq ft       4,400-6,800:                 65¢/sq ft 
7,200 sq ft or more:       60¢/sq ft
Under 4,000 sq ft:       70¢/sq ft
4,400-6,800:               65¢/sq ft
7,200 sq ft or more:     60¢sq ft
**ADD .05 per sq ft for areas East of 

​I75, N Ft Myers, Cape Coral and Sanibel.

Pieces: (self-service) 
The width and length of each 
piece of sod is 16"x24” (2.66 sq. ft.)
​Floratam: $2.00 per piece
Bahia: $1.35 per piece

1 pallet of sod = 400 sq. ft. = approx. 
140-150 pieces per pallet 
Approximately 2,000 lbs. During periods of rainy conditions the pallets can weigh more. 
Pallet width = 4’ x 4’ in size 
Floratam: Call For Price          
                  Plus $7.00 deposit =  per pallet
Bahia: $115.00 plus tax $6.90 = $121.90   
                  Plus $7.00 deposit = $128.90 per pallet
Remove and Replace

Bahia:         52¢ / sq ft
Bermuda:    Call¢ / sq ft
Floratam:     69¢ / sq ft
Zoysia:        90¢ / sq ft
​Seville:        90¢ / sq ft

*The remove and replace price includes labor, material, cutting out old sod and hauling away debris, laying and rolling new sod. 
*All installations and remove & replace will have a 3% fuel charge added to price. 

Our Battista Farms Truck
Minimum 3 Pallets

3-10 pallets:     $150.00 each
​Bermuda: ​  
3-10 pallets:     Call each
​Floratam: ​  
3-10 pallets:     $250.00 each
3-10 pallets:     Call each
3-10 pallets:    Call each 
**Delivery to East of I75, N Ft Myers,, Cape Coral and Sanibel will have an additional charge per pallet of $15.00.**
*When figuring the price of deliveries you will need to add 6% for sales tax, pallet deposit of $7.00 for each pallet delivered and a 3% fuel charge. The pallet deposit will be refunded when pallets are returned. We get reimbursed for any tolls for Sanibel and Cape Coral.
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*The installation includes laying and rolling the sod. If area not accessible for forklift there will be a $25 per pallet for install and $40 per pallet for remove and replace
We accept cash, local checks and credit cards. Credit cards will have a 3% convenience fee added.